Some People read the rear view mirror

Some read the fuel gauge ticks

Some look into the lights for fun

and drag on the stretch

and some sentences never stick

Are you living in the wastes of a widowed place?

or in the City’s strung out lights?

Are you there in the back, looking at me tonight?

Between the Word

and the totally absurd

is a radio dial of Sin

But prayer is a piece of bread out on a hook

And your Disease don’t bite at those Hymns

The Highways bright, when the Speeds just right

And its hitting like a million bucks tonight

I love the World, but I think its too fucked up to drive

Somewhere out in the Gulf Coast night

A Wind Blew

And that dead dog you dream about

Smiled at you

And into the Hieroglyphic Gulch

You Withdrew

And Broke Down in Texas

Near a One Horse Town

Where Brass Saddles Buckle

And Guitars, Guitars, Guitars Weep

But Some People Can Never Be Found

Point and Shoot

Shot down in the shade of cardboard canyons

They cut the scene and saw blood on the Cameraman

She could see the frame but never the picture

A live round spun and a split second flicker

Broke the depth of field like the neck of the Hangman

You looked to me like a Pie in the window pane

I looked back like a Mule in some Bridle Reins

Layin’ there naked through a Point and Shoot

If you got a secret, don’t keep it too close to

Your chest

Just love me now and forget the rest 

Does passion feel stupid when there’s nothing left of me

You laughed and said, “yeah the crime of the century”

But I was lost like a little child

In a wilderness where the West was Way too Wild

And all I can say is

“I don’t mind”

Like the Silphium Branch to the black Bovine

And she could see the frame but never the picture

A live round spun and a split second flicker-


In the blue frozen morning

Of the Valentines day parade

Twenty striking firemen went walking

out on the engine 85 brigade  

After 3 weeks with no contract

Thats 3 weeks with no pay

I saw smoke rise on the horizon

But heard no sirens go that way

In the outskirt wooden buildings

The winds only fed the flames

And 3 people died by the evening

And people looked for someone to blame

Sitting in the station barroom

We watched the news of that event

From what i’ve tasted of bitterness

3 dollars is rarely better spent

In the burn-over district

I guess some things were won

for some its just something to remember  

for most you dont say nothin

And through the psychic silo highways

Or the glacial lakes inside your brain

A dusty brass door-knocker echos

When you hear your lovers name

There’s still a few lonely places

With no patron saints’ assigned

but there’s Ethan Allan of the bedroom

And Joseph smith of the mind

And when that final deal went down

The whole town walked out on the ice

And for the first time that season

You could’ve walked clear across to the other side


Light spent your life wrapping all around you

And always finding your form

And now it drifts like some - blind drunk salesmen 
Looking for you door to door

Your clock beat twice

But they sounded just the same

One for every being here

And one closer to going away

Bent down at the bench of your body,

I got confused by the view  

Most-men, live-and die by the same rules, baby,

but fate has made itself a story out of you

This life dont quit

You know as well as me

And with one last look at all the bullshit

You two-steped to eternity

Wolf Pine

There’s a Wolf Pine by the river

Thats older than the rest

Designated by city fathers

as some kind of witness

There sent a little boll weevil

To deform the root

You grew up defined as

A reflection of your youth

And in June of of 1816

A volcanic clouds black shadow

Reached New England via Asia

And dropped 3 feet of snow

Every cow silent in pasture

Every crop failed by degrees

As if in some hemisphere reversal

You can read it in the wooden memory.   

you can go back, deeper in that - circumference

before you were even a dream

The Abenaki looked up, gulped and wondered

Weather they had the proper offerings

Go and count the purple rings of Saturn

And of your ringed and wounded heart

But there ain’t no long division

That could ever keep these things apart


Your eyes are like a curtain and the sun goes through it

And a crystalline expression questions some kind of fall from grace

Reflecting green shadows through black shutter curls

Cruciform fossils lay excavated from your memory

Like plaster casted lovers whose kiss became the only thing

that ever really mattered to a Vesuvian world

My thoughts die out slowly on the blood swept plains where I see you every night

And to the lonely hours, its like burning the furniture to keep the house warm at night, all right

The night is getting late and the horns have all been blown

And the drummers looking cross-eyed on his rusty metal throne

Im somewhere in the distance, ur somewhere at home

And im waiting for the money so I buy another drink

And like a pile of dirty dishes you carry yourself to the sink

The lake is out there freezing but doubly alone

If your hearts not in it, then your hearts not in it, then your hearts not in it

If your heart can’t take it, then your heart can’t take it, then your heart can’t take it

If your heart can’t take it

My thoughts die out slowly on the wind swept panes where I see you every night

And to the lonely hours, its like burning the furniture to keep the house warm at night, all right


He was young, when I came

And smoked like a Vestal flame

With one way mirrored eyes, his windows failed me

Now every time

I see that sun go down

I feel the shadows of this town cut across me

Down in Rensselaer

Nothings’ quite clear

You might cross the plane

But “gone” can mean a lot of things

I might be wrong

But I saw the slow season coming on strong

Waiting for some company man to can me

And like a sponge for the gin

There grew a beard over every chin

From Jesses James to John Henry

All along the coast

Lie the mutinied ghosts

of men recognizable only by the state of their hearts

You’ll break. your own. in time.

Rome, New York

Walking through the parking lot just looking at the


Picking up trash in the extraterrestrial part of this town

Feeling pretty good still, Waiting for the big one to be


I looked all night for you and your gold and thorny crown

Standing by some lamp post i though i saw you smile

over at me

Your a crescent moon now but i know you girl, i know

your dark majority

Will drag the sky down into the dirt but only for the

hour in between

The time it takes for light to get from Rome to New

York City

Morning comes too quickly and evenings fall apart

And pine box hills rattle at night with the stake-driven-


Heaven, like a ditch, will sometimes spill into the streets

at night,

and pacify the muffled dreams of every broken-into car

and pacify the muffled dreams of every broken-into car

To silence the broken dreams of the broken-into cars

Gallic Shrug

The sun set in vain

Because it found us today feeling the same way

Cold and closed to love

And one foot in the past

and with one right in tomorrows grasp

Baby were just pissing on our gloves

You don’t know

Just how hard it is to watch

You go to sleep

And your pain is punching the clock

Maybe were both blue

Or even worse just two people who

Have too many yesterday’s

The silence talks back to you

The window is open just laughing at you

And you watch the words bleed out on the page

Once your on, there’s no way out

Like that cork stabbed into your wine bottles mouth

When I go away, you won’t hear a sound

Like all the bridges burning in your hometown

Your breaking me down

Your breaking me down

You play a game only you can win

My key is bent your lock wont open

And if this aint proof

Man is indiscreet

Why is heartache outside, doing pushups in the street

After one last round,

After one last round

You’re lookin to the sky for love

and all you get is a Gallic shrug

And if this aint proof

Man is indiscreet

Why is heartache outside, doing pushups in the street

After one last round,

After one last round

The bartender just shrugs you off

But I will love you until the cows come home


You split, slicker than a sawmill

I saw you everywhere

One hand on a cigarette

And both knees to take you there

You’re gone, but loving you is real

So’s the moon, and skinny like roadkill

In the shadow of the silver spade

I want to die out on your Shoulder-Blades

You came, quiet in the morning

I let you in my room

Well something in the moth is made up of fire

And something in me is made of you

A Peak In Darien

Last year on new years eve

I looked at you from deep inside the LSD

I saw your light expand so bright it made me nothing

Like a shadow in the sea 

At the table in the bar

I saw your devils rubber neck then carry on
Or did they never leave the scene?
I dont know? I dont know? 

and from that Barron, rocky height

We saw the lights of Dannemora way across in the night

Like a moth but only to the dark infinite

You went off into the night

Now your a fossil in the sand

I guess some people stick around for the hell of it

And some don’t give a damn

But you never believed in that stuff anyways

Now your the sand in the waves