Right Before the Last Waves Took Vestris

It's not the dam

Built behind your eyelids

Despite the constantly turning cheek

In the many stabbing swords of

Your patience

I saw you spring a leak

Right before the last wave took Vestris

Not a sound from the deck was heard

It's not the fault of the man who built it

When the captains overboard

In the predawn throes of Her sinking-

In the strange blue light of your eyes

Pitched a boat off the coast of Virginia

In some dim and loveless tide

And you swooned to the bottom,

To the seaweed and bone

and there you found me waiting for you

All awreck upon the stone


They blew out the dam

last night a wave a mile high

Washed out the towns

Iron ore and mudflow

Coffined the valley below

I woke up

Tried to shake away the dream

I watched the rain swallow the street

Out my window

I looked out

From the hearts ATC tower

I called to ground your crow winged shadow

Down below

You radioed across that ancient runway

Our love made known in its jeopardy

Clenched fists find God in rough


And tonight it's gonna snow

You can believe in all your doubts

People talk shit, I dont know what about

You saw me clear in a seconds time-

I saw the Christ lookin’ out your eyelids

I don’t have the answers now

I got the mind, just laying around

But if i could do this life again, I swear

You would always find me standing right here


If I could see you at dawn

Black soot from the palms

Astreak on your fore

If I could be of use

Just once in a blue moon or more

Its not the weight of the world

Its just the soft-rot bow of the floor

Its just the weight of the world

Its just that i've been wrong before

Oh, you're tired too?

I ask myself this every day

I have no faith to give

Just a weak kind of toothlessness and space

If It's not the end of the world

Its (must be) it's falling into place

It's not the end of it all

It must be a strange kind of grace

It must be a strange kind of grace

It not the end of it all

It must be a strange kind of grace

Long Distance Driver

Long distance driver

Press me to your head

We can lose the miles

Somewhere in your bed

Late arriver

I dont care where you've been

I just want you to smile

Or at least pretend

you told me in the morning

about a dream you had last night

being lead by a soldier

through the gas station line

If this is the last year

Before things fall apart

Leave your name and number

And a credit card


I saw him in the subway

I looked twice through the glass

Shadows are convincing

But hes never coming back

In negative 7

He was standing with a smoke

Just looking towards heaven

As if he knew the joke

Uncle was a gambler

With a butterfly tattoo

Somewhere down in florida

He did a favor For some dude

With a pistol in his glove box

It was open and shut

I met him the week he got out

At the wake of his son

Driving through Colorado

I thought of things

To boredom the weight of reality rings

Through highways and deserts

And cities and parks

And broke schools protected by the national guard

Most days i pass with my head in the dark

But today it seems so clear to me

Come and Change My Body

Come and change my body

Come and take the dim white breath of my lungs

You can break me open I don’t really

care about anything else at all

See the bones entangled

What am I and what do I become

All at once there’s nothing in the middle

Holding up the sum

Come and trace my likeness

Mark my word with the black smeared touch from your work

As if in some contending form of progress,

As if some kind of war

Come and drink my heartache

Draw a knife across that scarlet seal

Take a sip, now break that cup you drank from

Underneath your heel

Connect to Host

Start a shitty job today

Leave it in a second

Drink a couple beers out back

looking for some severance

Get back on the dead horse

Ride until the morning comes

The hair of the sleeping dogs lie down

In the shadows of the red sun

Searching searching searching searching…

Souvenir Heart

You came as bird in a dream to my bed

Your talons sharp and wings dark and splintered

If you were born in fall

And never left that state

Then i was born in the middle of winter

In the grasp of your palms and your pale craning neck

Well, you looked like some kind of martyr

Is it the down that refines all the bones of your back

Or the pierced skin that makes you harder

I will sort through the stacks of the souvenirs hearts

I will work until my hands start to blister

Like a paper mache artifact i will not be afraid when my loneliness crumbles

Walking last night on the road to your house

I felt calm and capable, my heart beat patient

In the cross cut winds, I thought I heard the funeral

Train of thought leave the station.

I’ll See You In My Mind

Vermont is not like washington

Theres space and cows and big green mountains

I hope one day ill see you smiling

In the rear view mirror as you go

Driving away

Hey-ill see you in the springtime

I’ll see you in the summer

If i make good on time

Ill see you in my mind

I been thinking about contradiction

Between response and submission

That love is work if it us true

And yet sometimes the heart does not get to choose

Some people want what they resemble

Some people become what it is they want, or what theyre shown 

Sometimes i think its your far-awayness

That makes me chase my own shadow

Hey-ill see you in the springtime

Hey- ill see you in the summer

If i make good on time

I'll see you in my mind